Hazardous Waste Generator Training

Each year the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control conducts training for generators of hazardous waste. Details about upcoming training sessions will be provided on this page as well as links to presentations and recordings from past training sessions.

Past Trainings

On May 12th and 13th, 2021 the Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control hosted a two-day virtual training session for hazardous waste generators. The training is to familiarize hazardous waste generators with applicable rules in Titles R315 and R317 of the Utah Administrative Code.

The recordings are available here:

The Presentations are available here:

0.1 HWG Training Topics_Presentation Index (48 KB)

0.2 Program Manager Contact List (84 KB)

1.1. Welcome/DWMRC Overview (548 KB)

1.2. Waste Determinations (830 KB)

1.3. Generators / Generator Category/ Very Small Quantity Generators / Small Quantity Generators / Large Quantity Generators / Satellite Accumulation Areas (3 MB)

1.4. Exclusions & Hazardous Secondary Materials (558 KB)

1.5. Used Oil & Top 5 Violations (5 MB)

1.6. Top 10 Hazardous Waste Violations (111 KB)

2.1. Hazardous Waste Episodic Generation (412 KB)

2.2. Universal Waste (2 MB)

2.3 Land Disposal Restrictions (300 KB)

2.4. Hazardous Waste Storage Tanks (2 MB)

2.5 Pharmaceutical Rule (487 KB)

2.6. Financial Assurance (1 MB)

2.7. myRCRAid / E-Manifests / EPA Subtitle C notification (924 KB)

2.8. Wastewater Pretreatment for HW Generators (3 MB)

2.9. Managing E-waste (443 KB)